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Webinar: "Dual Cooperative Education - in-depth view from an academic perspective"

Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 - 10:00 to 11:30 (CEST)

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The fourth webinar "Dual Cooperative Education - in-depth view from an academic perspective" from the Webinar series on "Skills for Today & Tomorrow | Tourism Education, Employability and Industry-University cooperation" will take place on May 18th, from 10:00 to 11:30 (CEST). This webinar is completing the webinar series, adding the academic perspective to the cooperative education approach. The essential points of the dual setup, concerning the higher education institution, will be highlighted and the resulting roles and tasks will be explained in a refreshing interview. More specifically, interesting examples of modern, practice-oriented teaching will be presented in a diversified and attractive manner. In addition, and in a concluding panel discussion, questions will be discussed, and new ways of learning soft skill in the future will be pointed out.


"Dual Cooperative Education - in-depth view from an academic perspective"


Dual set-up of high education systems

Explained by the example of the DHBW
Presented by Prof. Dr. Jan Specht, DHBW


The three different roles of DHBW tutors

Interview highlighting the tasks, approaches and benefits of each type of tutor

Moderated by Stefanie Maurus, DHBW
Interviewees: Prof. Stefan Luppold and Prof. Dr. Carsten Brehm, both DHBW, and Volker Fulst, fair management Messeagentur GmbH


Practice-oriented teaching - Examples

Four different approaches of praxis-oriented teaching illustrated with picture and video material

Simulation Game

Presented by Prof. Dr. Carsten Brehm and Prof.Dr. Manfred Schertler-Rock

External Competition

Presented by Marion Arnemann and Prof.Dr. Jan Specht

Internal Competition

Presented by Prof. Dr. Conny Mayer-Bonde

Role Play

Presented by Prof. Dr. Jan Specht


Panel discussion with HEI tutors participating in the pilot

Moderated by Thomas Schieber, DHBW
Participants: Paulo Carrança (IPVC), Ljudevit Pranić (University of Split), Joaquim Majó (University of Girona), Andrea Pozzi (University of Bergamo), John Ebejer (University of Malta)


Closing remarks

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