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Webinar: Sustainability of the tourism industry and the role of the dual learning model

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

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The Erasmus + INCOME Tourism project is promoting a Webinar series on "Skills for Today & Tomorrow I Tourism Education, Employability and Industry-University cooperation", as a way to contribute to the discussion and reflection about the challenges the sector is going through. Professionals need to have relevant skills in times of rapid change, and that is why it is even more critical now to discuss how can Industry-University cooperation initiatives, namely dual education systems answer these quests.

In this context, soft skills, just as digital skills, are highly relevant to tourism businesses’ performance and competitiveness. Given the present global-wide crisis, universities need to adapt their curricula and learning approaches to adapt to the market needs, tackling the competencies young professionals need to succeed in the job market.
In this regard, and although some good examples can be found, there is still the need and potential to bring academia and industry together, building new cooperative learning models to develop curricula focusing on employability skills and with learning outcomes adapted to the real, evolving, and demanding needs of the tourism industry.
The INCOME Tourism is addressing these challenges, proposing a new learning approach, linked to the development of soft skills, and based on a cooperative learning process that brings together higher education institutions and businesses in the tourism industry.  

The project consortium – made up of 13 partner organisations based in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Germany, Croatia, and the Netherlands – therefore recognises the need and the opportunity to include the development of soft skills into higher education curricula and to strongly cooperate with businesses to ensure that learning opportunities in the ‘real’ world are provided to tourism students. This will guarantee the enhancement of skills in future and current working staff.

The target audience for the webinar series is tourism students and professionals, employers, educators, and governments.

The first session “Sustainability of the tourism industry and the role of the dual learning model” will take place on March 30th, from 14.30 to 16.00 (CET). Are you curious already? Are you interested to know more about these topics?  


"Sustainability of the tourism industry and the role of the dual learning model"

Moderated by Maria João Rauch (PPLL Consult)


Opening and introduction.


Italy's response in the Tourism industry for COVID 19 and how tertiary educational institutions need to adapt to achieve this. The role soft skills will be playing in the recovery.

Giorgio Palmucci - President of the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT), Italian project ambassador


Malta's Strategy for Tourism post-COVID 19 from the eyes of an economic operator, operating at the wholesale level. How should tertiary educational institutions adapt to successfully achieve this strategy?

Alan Arrigo - Robert Arrigo & Sons, Maltese project ambassador


Which skills should tertiary education institutions focus on in the immediate future focusing on tourism sustainability? Challenges for skills in the industry.

Cristina Núñez Cuesta - Coordinator of the European Network of Regions for a Competitive and Sustainable Tourism – NECSTouR, Spanish project ambassador


How can the tourism industry and academia work together to overcome the challenges facing the tourism industry?

Joze Tomaš - President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatian project ambassador


The importance of participation of industry in the dual learning models in general and also with a specific focus on soft skills in Tourism. How European policies can encourage and facilitate this scenario?

Ana Maria Nogueira - Parliamentary Administrator at European Parliament


Closing remarks.

Invited Speakers

Giorgio Palmucci

Alan Arrigo

Cristina Núñez Cuesta

Joze Tomaš

Ana Maria Nogueira

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