The University of Split, founded in 1974, is Croatia's premier research and teaching institution, located in the city of Split, Croatia's second largest city and the largest city in Southern Croatia. The University has expanded during the course of the past 30 years to include eleven Faculties, one Academy of Arts and four University Departments. There are about 22,000 students enrolled in the University's undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs.

The focus of the research work carried out by the University is on scientific areas with reference to disciplines characterized by natural, cultural, historical, social, economic and other features of the region as a part of the Croatian Adriatic and the Mediterranean region as a whole. This involves the research and protection of art and construction heritage, philology, field crops, oceanography and fishing, Adriatic botany and zoology, island and coastal economy, Adriatic tourism, maritime law, nautical science, naval architecture and a range of other specific disciplines such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, social sciences, kinesiology, humanities, health sciences, forensics, all of which distinguish the University of Split, not only in Croatia, but also beyond its borders.

Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism has a 40 year experience in higher education. Currently, the Faculty is providing study programs in Economics, Business, and Tourism at all levels (from undergraduate to postgraduate). It has approsimately 3000 students. There are 119 employees at the Faculty, out of which 83 researchers. Faculty has the research expertise, as well as experience in the life-long education and training in the fields of Tourism & Hospitality, SME Development, Project Design and Management, Business Planning, Investment and Marketing Planning, Human Resources, Organizational Design, Change Management, International Trade, Banking and Finance, Accounting and corporate finance, Institutional Building, Labour Market, Local and Regional Development, Spatial and Urban Economics, Environmental Management, EU, Pre-Accession and Structural Funds, Design and analysis of information systems. Faculty is working in close cooperation with the local and regional authorities, as well as international partners.

In the INCOME project, the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism at University of Split is leading Work Package 2 - Needs Analysis / State of the art. Through its planned activities, the Faculty will facilitate a more detailed analysis of the state of the art regarding existing soft skills learning processes for the tourism bachelor. This analysis will identify, in a more accurate way, the needs of the industry in the countries involved.

Specifically, the Faculty will:

  • Produce a research design including the national and final report structures;
  • Produce the necessary tools: survey on line, interviews guide, focus groups guide, list of data to be collected and literature to be reviewed;
  • Help select the target groups and facilitate the application of the data collection instruments in each country: survey, interviews, and focus group;
  • Help organise and treat the information in each country;
  • Assist in elaborating one national report by country/region involved;
  • Validate the reports through a process of wider consultation;
  • Help elaborate a comparative synthesis;

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