The University of Girona (UdG) will participate in the overall activities of the project, but especially it will be in charge of WP6 which consists in the design of the Pilot Test. In this WP, UdG will identify the support of the partners the instruments necessary to put in place to get a smooth pilot testing. It will also organise workshops in Spain with students and tutors to discuss and explain the pilot testing rules, including the assessment rules. For the development of this WP, other WP need to be developed in which the UdG will be fully involved.

The UdG will assess and give feedback to the development of the research package for the state of the art and help in the definition of the soft skills that a tourism graduate need to develop as well as the definition of the selection criteria for the students participating in the internship. At this stage, it will assess the companies and their tutors in the evaluation and following of the internship of the students selected. It will be an active part of the monitoring process.

UdG will participate in the discussion of the disciplines to select for the new learning cooperative model pilot testing and in the development of the model, both at national and international level.

Regarding the dissemination of the project, it will review the plans; identify own country interested parties; translate any materials, produce own copies; participate in the info day; mobilise stakeholders; and other activities that can help in the dissemination of the project.

It will be an active participant in all general meetings and workshops of the project (organising one of the management workshop) and participate in all the activities regarding the process of monitoring and evaluation of the project.

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