PPLL Consult is a company created in 2007 by a group of consultants and experts who have broad professional experience in public policy, with particular emphasis on social policies in education, vocational training and employment, which provides consulting, training and advisory services to institutions of public, private and social sectors. The company specialized itself in management consulting and strategic consulting for governments, public agencies and private institutions, carrying out strategic and prospective studies and conducting social reality empirical studies, which include evaluation, market, opinion and sociological studies.

In the project INCOME, PPLL is the partner responsible for the Work package 10 - Quality assurance and Work package 11 - Evaluation of the project.

The quality assurance targets the process analysis (i.e. collective production, communication, management efficiency, effectiveness of results) through a close monitoring (creation of continuous improvement process groups) with emission of correction or improvement proposals to be incorporated during the implementation of the project.

The evaluation activities are addressed to the overall performance of the project and the timely delivery of results. It is responsibility of PPLL to produce recommendations incorporating the identified constraints that needs to be overcome and also the lessons learned.


Maria João Rauch

Team Member

Filipa Seiceira

Team Member