Central de Reserves de Montserrat, SAU (LARSA – MONTSERRAT)

LARSA – MONTSERRAT will receive students in the framework of the new cooperative learning model in their facilities, situated near Barcelona. Thanks to the wide array of tourist services LARSA is currently managing, candidates will have the opportunity to develop and challenge soft skills in different job positions, that may be either combined or take a single one, depending on the candidate’s profile and interests. Also, the candidate will have the chance to face cross-cultural situations, since visitors to Montserrat come from all over the world.

LARSA will also participate in other tasks such as the identification of the relevant skills that graduates should develop in order to improve their employability, the creation of conditions for these skills to be acquired and put into practice and the discussion and evaluation of the results and the validation of the soft skills teaching model.

LARSA will also participate in the mobility exercise and will send the tutors of the students to Germany.

The company will participate actively in the dissemination of the project, not only in the creation of a Soft Skill Forum but also using its’ own network of contacts to disseminate the project, during the length of the project and after.

LARSA has already participated in other European projects in tandem with UdG and they will contribute their knowledge of youngsters and professional sector not only through internships, but also by participating in meetings to identify soft skills and how they can be developed.

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Josep Altayó Agustí

Team Member

Montserrat Flores Garcia

Team Member