3rd Webinar


Date: 2020.03.12

Aim: The purpose was to bring together representatives of the learning trios (Higher Educational Institutions, Students and Private and Public Organisations) from each country to point out different benefits and challenges, which they felt during the pilot test.

Keynote Speakers:

Perspectives from Portugal

HEI Tutor: Alexandra Correia (IPVC)

In-Company tutorr: Ana Torres (Hotel Fábrica do Chocolate)

Student: Oleh Senyuta

Perspectives from Malta

In-Company Tutor: Michela Grixti (Grand Hotel Excelsior)

In-Company tutor: Katarzyna Warchol (Westin Dragonara Resort)

Perspectives from Italy

HEI Tutor: Andrea Pozzi (University of Bergamo)

In-Company tutorr: Paolo Bertagni (GIVI)

Student: Gwen and Linda

Perspectives from Spain

HEI Tutor: Yassine Bouallala

In-Company tutorr: Pedro Garcia (Hotel Torremirona)

Student: Maria Pont and Marc Vilalta

Perspectives from Croatia

HEI Tutor: Ljudevit Pranić (University of Split)

In-Company tutorr: Marko Ugrčić (Hotel Radisson Blu)

Student: Marijela Alebić

Chaired by: Andrea Pozzi (University of Bergamo)