1st Thematic Discussion


Date: 2018.11.09

Aim: to bring together key players in the tourism sector in Portugal, from academia, industry and public sector, to discuss the role of soft skills in the tourism education context, at different levels, namely high education level and vocational level. It was also an objective, to discuss how to address the apparent gap between what soft skills are being taught in the tourism curricula at higher educational institutions in terms of soft skills, and the requirements of the tourism industry.

Keynote Speakers: Turismo de Portugal; Academias do Conhecimento (Fundação Gulbenkian); RIPTUR; Forum Turismo; Confederação do Turismo de Portugal; Grupo JASE.

Audience: The Operational Committee (associated partners, PPLL Consult and CEVAL); Students and some professors of the Master in Tourism, Innovation and Development of the IPVC.

Location: School of Hospitality and Tourism of Lisbon, Portugal.