Malta University Consulting Limited (MUC) is a company set up and fully owned by the University of Malta with the objective of project managing non-core activities of the University. Being an entity legally separate from the University gives MUC flexibility and dynamism whilst remaining under the full control of the University. It also provides the opportunity for direct contact with University academics, staff and students across all Faculties, Institutes and Centres particularly in relation to research projects, consulting, organising Professional Development Courses, laboratory services and partnering in EU projects.

MUC's main role in INCOME is the lead partner for Work Package 8 – Mobility with the main activities being:

Mobility Experiences
Coordinating with the University of Ravensburg Germany the two week mobility exercise to be held at this university. The mobility exercise will provide the opportunity for students and HEI tutors and company managers to familiarise and experience the dual German learning model and experience how the parties profit from being active partners in the education of the undergrads. This entails developing the mobility exercise plan, validation of the program by all the partners and putting in practice the mobility exercises as agreed with all partners especially with the University of Ravensburg.

Mobility Reports
Preparing the templates to be populated by the learning trios on their experience in the mobility exercise. MUC will also compile a Mobility Report per country based on the feedback submitted by the trios.

Model Reflection Workshops
Organising two Model Reflection Workshops for Company managers.

Moreover, MUC will participate in Stage 3 of the data collection to identify the conceptual/creative, leadership and interpersonal competencies that graduates should possess. This will involve the collection of data through in-depth interviews, focus groups and survey questionnaires.


Alexia Pace Kiomall

Team Member

Mario Cachia

Team Member