The CEVAL - Business Confederation of the Alto Minho (Portugal), previous Business Council of Lima and Minho Valleys, was established in June 5, 1998. It is a private non-profit institution, which has coupled 5 Business Associations of the Alto Minho region: ACIAB - Associação Comercial e Industrial dos Arcos de Valdevez e Ponte da Barca; ACICMM - Associação Comercial e Industrial dos Concelhos de Monção e Melgaço; AEPL - Associação Empresarial de Ponte de Lima; AEVC - Associação Empresarial de Viana do Castelo and AEV - Associação Empresarial de Valença;

Our mission:

  • To drive the promotion, development and economic and business activities in Lima and Minho Valleys (Minho) thus contributing to the protection of the legitimate interests of its members and to achieve the desired development and progress;
  • The CEVAL is proud of being an organization that has been growing in a continuous and sustained manner, that is a result of facilitators projects which contribute to economic growth;


The Alto Minho is a territory of connections, which are derived from the recognition that the region takes on three levels:

  • In the field of nature, by environmental and heritage reference that is the combination of sea, rivers and mountain range, and from which they arise readings from the perspective of conservation and protection of these "resource?;
  • In the area of quality of life. by the uniqueness and distinction of a living model that benefits from the idea "insert city in the where one perceives spread of towns / cities and county seats to surrounding areas;
  • In the area of its well-positioned region position to mediate a process of openness and close collaboration between Portugal-Spain. via Northern of Portugal - Galicia;
  • In this context. CEVAL was created with the mission to enhance the promotion, development and economic and business activities of the Alto Minho. through its collaborative network of business associations;


  • Support the Business Associations in Alto Minho and promote their sustainability;
  • Promote entrepreneurship and the renewal of businesses in the region;
  • Promote the internationalization of the business sector and the and cross-border (Portugal-Galiza) cooperation;
  • Promote business cooperation and lobbying;
  • Make Alto Minho territorial marketing regarding the business case and economic promotion;


Luís Ceia

Team Member

Ana Gonçalves

Team Member